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Wasatch One Bit Tiff Workflow

One Bit Tiff File Option Now Available


One Bit Tiff files, a standard file format read by virtually all imagesetters and platesetters, is a file format used to implement color separations. The color separated files, for example, are each imaged separately on film or plates for each C,M,Y,K plane along with separate planes for each spot color.

If one wants to proof the composite of the separated files, the question becomes, how? We now have the solution.

Dr. Luis Carnelli, a Wasatch MP, has created an add-on product that allows a user to recombine the separated files into one file for imaging purposes. Now you can easily combine the separated files, including spot colors, into one file using this new option. In fact, a user can have up to 32 separated files combined into one image.

This capability is now available for Wasatch SoftRip.
Please let us know if you need any other information or if you would like to test it.

Call Your local dealer:  EWJ - 75814599


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